Lesley worked with me on a photoshoot for a major skin care company this year and did a hell-of-a great job in both pictures and personality. The client said "Lesley was a rockstar!" Hiring her was probably one of the best decisions I've made this year, which is saying a lot considering I hire photographers all over the U.S. Bottom line: When you want your image to matter, hire Lesley.

L Fordham, TheNPG.com

It was very nice meeting you today! Thank you for everything! You made this 1st experience very positive and comfortable for both of us. As I replay the moments in my mind, my heart becomes more and more grateful to have someone as talented as you working with us. Everything was wonderful -- from the kid friendly music that set a positive, playful atmosphere, to your assistance on selecting the looks, the subtle makeup, your instructions and the magic you make behind the lens and lighting -- it was a joy to see your talent in action. I am in awe. 

You captured a variety of great looks and I can't wait to see the Grand Finale!!

J Tyler, Jaelynn's Mom

Lesley is truly a talented fashion photographer! We love her attention to detail and her ability to notice the little things that make a big difference. She is amazing at coaching the models and is sensitive to the needs of her clients. We recently did a calendar shoot featuring everyday women who were inexperienced models. Lesley was great at putting them at ease and coaching them into model-worthy poses. The result was an amazing collection of women of all shapes and sizes who appeared comfortable in their skin and the photographs were cohesive with our brand. She is highly experienced as both a photographer as well as a fashion model so her skills are well-rounded which really shows in her work! She's skilled as a make-up artist as well. We truly are blessed to have her on our team!

J. Cruz, Shawl Dawls

Before my photo shoot with Lesley in September, I was going out on auditions on an average of once every 3-4 weeks. Previously, I went out on only a handful of auditions. My old head shots clearly weren't working because since my photo shoot with Lesley, I have been going out on auditions every week, sometimes up to 3 in one day! I have booked 2 national commercials and numerous print jobs. The photos are getting me in the door and my agents are thrilled. Thank you Lesley Pedraza!

I. Cappucci

OMG, they are so wonderful!!!! Thank you so much, Lesley! You did such a great job! I'm looking at my beautiful pictures over and over and I have to tell you — you are my favorite photographer because the images you took look fantastic even without any retouching!Thank you for everything, Lesley.

A. Phoenix

"Lesley is an incredibly gifted photographer, on set coach and overall wonderful woman. She brings so much knowledge and good energy to the set that it's guaranteed to be a fun and successful day! I had been wanting to shoot with her for a couple years now and I finally had my moment a few months ago...I'm really not sure why I waited so long! The images came out so beautiful, they were exactly what my portfolio needed! I even won a contest with a huge plus size clothing company and caught the eye of some other designers! I can't wait book another session with Lesley, with the amount of success I've had so far I could only imagine what more could come of us working together again...and again....and again!"

N. Simone

After shooting with Lesley Pedraza I was blown away by her personality, expertise on modeling, and how fantastic her photography is. Lesley's guidance and the images she took of me got the attention of four big name agencies interested in me in only one month! It was a tough choice to make but now I am a signed and working model. Working with Lesley is a essential tool every model needs, new or experienced. I am so happy and blessed to have worked with Lesley, she helped me with my modeling career and got me through the door with my agent, and she gave me the confidence and push to feel and look beautiful. Thank you Lesley!!!

J Pedrazza

OMG, we had sooo much fun on Friday! ‘B’ is still talking about it and is now obsessed. I can't thank you enough for really walking her through the day. You made her feel so much more comfortable and easy than she would have been with anyone else. I am so impressed with your studio and mainly for the fact that YOU DID IT!!! I think it's so cool when someone says they're going to do something and then really do it and do it well!!! Hats off to you!!!

S. Huff 

“Thank you so much for being my excellent headshot photographer. ?You are so lovely to work with; and I was completely at ease because you know exactly what you are doing with makeup, clothing, clothing, background, angle - ah! Thank you.

J Civiello

LESLEY!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE THEM! Even the ones I didn't think would turn out cute did!!! Thank You soo much for your help! I have been working on everything since our shoot and I want to be as seamless as I possibly can when doing my poses. But these pics are a HUGE improvement from what I've done in the past! Thank You!!!!! You're the best! 

T Badhesha 

I started my acting career in January 2013. Prior to that I auditioned here and there for film shorts and occasionally got work. After getting new headshots by Lesley everything changed for me. I was able to book work from Photo submission only, I now have an Agent representing me! All this has happened because of the great presentation of Lesley's work! She is brilliant, multi talented and very professional. If you are serious about acting or Modeling you need Lesley's touch. She is best in class.

B Berri

Thank you for being so supportive and believing in Noah!! As you see, his Quilted Northern toilet paper commercial went national last night! I owe YOU most of hte credit Lesley!! Your pictures are absolutely amazing & are what got him recognized!!!!!

S Schweitzer