Fashion veteran Lesley Pedraza has experienced all sides of the business. She had a successful 20 year career as a fashion model in Europe and New York working for brands such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Victoria's Secret, Uomo Vogue, Wella, Gianni Versace, Yves St Laurent, Thierry Mugler, etc., honing her skills in front of the camera. She then transitioned into an agent role, managing models and fulfilling advertising client’s needs, understanding the world of fashion marketing. She studied acting, toured with Mickey Rooney and was a commercial agent as well. All of this knowledge culminates into her success as a fashion photographer. Her vast knowledge and experience allow her to understand and guide the model/actor as well the client on set for a successful result. Clients receive a VIP experience with Lesley, each one is treated with special care and attention. In her own words:


"I strongly believe that the beauty of each person is unique, something to be admired and appreciated: there is beauty in every shape, size, and at every age. It is my great pleasure and privilege as a photographer to draw that beauty out, enhance it, and record it."